Quantum Leap 180 Coaching Program

This program consists of coaching with either Jon Satin or Chris Pattay. Appointments are scheduled in advance and are for 1 hour sessions. This is the full payment option.

One-on-One Coaching is an extremely effective process that creates healing, personal growth and personal satisfaction in a rapid, exponential fashion.

Our unique approach to Coaching can assist anyone who is committed to taking their life up to the next level.

Whether it is to be happier and more at peace with yourself.... or to take your life up to the next level, we have proven, hands-on methods that get results!

Areas of expertise include but not limited to:

Relationship Issues, Changing Self Limiting Beliefs, Midlife Crisis, Life Transitions, Divorce, Healing Addictions, Stepping Into Your Power, Learning to Live In The Solution, Overcoming Self Sabotage, Developing a Prosperity Mindset, Being A Victor Not A Victim, Releasing Fear and Anxiety, Overcoming Unresolved Issues From The Past, Self Love and Self Acceptance, Prosperity and Abundance, Releasing Anger, Trusting Your Intuition, Knowing That You ARE Good Enough, The Power Of Forgiveness, Getting Right With Money, Eliminating Unwarranted Perfection, Obtain Inner Peace, and much more.

Results from coaching are progressive and exponential. We have found that change compounds over time. Understand that the level of time and energy you commit to yourself and the coaching process directly affects YOUR life!

You can select either phone, skype or 'in person' sessions at our Doylestown, PA location.

We will meet the same day and time each week, once per week.

An agenda will be formulated based on your requirements and issues each week.

Immediately after placing your order, call Chris and Jon at Possibility Coaches 215-794-0135 to set up your first appointment.

Any changes to your scheduled appointment must be communicated to The Possibility Coaches at least 24 hours in advance by contacting them direct at 215-794-0135.

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